Food & Craft Booths

It’s unlike anything else when the streets are filled with hundreds of food and craft vendors! The Autumn Leaves Festival™ is one of North Carolina’s oldest and most successful festivals. Join thousands of Surry County locals and people from across the country on October 13-15, 2023 for the 57th Anniversary of this special event.

Become a Vendor in 2023

Interest Form

If you are interested in participating in the 2023 festival as a Craft Vendor please complete the Interest Form below.

Thoroughly read the Interest Form and please follow all instructions carefully. Failure to do so could result in a an unsuccessfully submitted form.

Interest Form Deadline: March 1, 2023


  • All items in vendor booths must be made by the vendor.
  • You must include a description of your merchandise, products, or crafts in your Interest Form.
  • In your Interest Form, provide a list of festivals you have participated in previously. (If applicable.)
  • Be sure to include photos in your Interest form submission for the festival committee to review. 

Important Notes

  • We do not accept telephone requests for vendors interested in attending. Please submit a Vendor Interest Form before the deadline.
  • Craft vendor space is limited.
  • If a Vendor Interest Form is accepted, the vendor will be given an official Autumn Leaves Festival™ application. 
  • Do not send money with your Interest Form. It is not an application.
  • Not all interested vendors will be accepted into the festival.

It’s unlike anything else when the streets are filled with hundreds of food and craft vendors! The Autumn Leaves Festival™ is one of North Carolina’s oldest and most successful festivals. Join thousands of Surry County locals and people from across the country on October 14 – 16, 2022 for the 56th Anniversary of this special event.

2022 Crafters

Section 1

South side of festival, between Pine St. and Franklin St.
192, Metal, Schmitzer
193, 193A, Furniture, Yates
194, Metal, Bertsch
195, Army
773, Fiber Arts, Willard
776, Jewelry, Foiles
777, Craft, McDonald
778, Jewelry, Manning
794, Jewelry, Rouse
795, Artwork, Sink
797, Leather, Qin
809, Metal, Maricle
881, Craft, Church
884, Candles, Adams
897, Craft, Howard
898, Surry Shrine, Greene
903, Pet Crafts, Chesney
904, Sauces, McMasters
905, Wood, Walker
908, Pies, Mbiya
909, Fiber Arts, Hawkins
912, Sauces, Palmeter
913, Fiber Arts, Cloer
914, Pet Crafts, Barker
780, 779, Floral, Culler
785-786, Glass, Lineback
790-791, Wood, Rimar
800-801, Fiber Arts, Wood
802-803, Jewelry, Adams
804-805, Kettle, Miller
807-808, Furniture, Grindstaff
892-893, Furniture, Huff
910-911, Wood, Bentley

Section 2

Franklin St. & Moore Ave.

F1, Commercial, Merritt
F2, Skincare, Christian
F3-F4, Christmas, Sutphin
F5, Charcoal Art, Balderston
F6, Commercial, Whitener
F7, Skincare, Tucker
F9, Fiber Arts, Brown
F9A, Candles, Collins
M1, Skincare, Hemmings
M10, Home Decor, Howell
M13, Sandart, Southard
M14, WLA, Conner
M15, Harley D., Maes
M16, Face Painting, Orsru
M2, Ornaments, Hill
M3, Candles, Smith
M7, Jerky, Muskal
M8-M9, Surry Chem, Sheppard

Section 3

Mid-festival between Moore Ave. and Oak St.
814, Books, Perry
815, Dips, Crews
816, Fiber Arts, Bolen
817-818, Pet Crafts, Johnson
819-820, Fiber Arts, Carriker
821-822, Jewelry, Olinger
823-824, Jewelry, Regan
825-826, Candles, Lary
855-856, Crafts, Carter
857, Name Art, Lee
858-859, Coinhole, Martin
860, Cheese, Kesler
861, Fiber Arts, Powell
862-863, Pottery, McNeill
864, Black Heart Photo Booth
865, Craft, Blanton
866-867, Wood, Brady
868, Pottery, Horton
869, Candles, Baldwin
870, Jewelry, Wise
871, Skincare, Holt
872A, U.S Cellular, Gary
874-875, Wood, Creed
876, Jewelry, Mosquera
877, Carolina CAT, Edwards
Pavilion, Pies, House of God

Section 4

Mid-festival, north of Oak St.. Includes Brannock & Hiatt Lot.

833, Glass, Adams
829-830, Snowmen, Carter
Museum, Cornhole, Allegacy
N4-N5, Craft, Brim
N6, Pottery, Tadesse
P1, Jewelry, Dresbach
P10, Horticulture, Yuzzi
P11, Artwork, Szabo
P12, Toys, Pennix
P13, Crystals, Rorrer
P14, Commercial, Walls
P15, Fishing, Horton
P16, Apparel, Miller
P17, Home Build, Clair
P2, Metal, Blevins
P3-P4, Child Apparel, Hawks
P5-P6, Garage, Davis
P7, Cleaning, Hoots
P8, Home, Belanger
P9, Wood, Williams

Section 5

Between Virginia St. and Independence Blvd.
36-37, Furniture, Becker
38-39, Honey, Gecewicz
40, Craft, Kiser
41, Wood, Britt
42, Decor, Hannah
46, Tea, Behr
61, Wood, Hattey
62, Artwork, Trotter
834, Horticulture, Dilda
835, Pet Crafts, Masterson
836, Gutters, Josh
837, Fiber Arts, Diaz
844, Pottery, Lawson
849, Craft, Pearson
850, Hair Craft, Lacie
839-840, Wood, Pfitzner
842-846, Wood, Spangler
845-846, Metal, Belcher
853-854, Surry CC, Holder
ROB 1-2, Furniture, Taylor
ROB 3, Skincare, Fleming

Section 6

W Independence Blvd.
7, Jelly, Morgan
8, Clothing, Hobbs
11, Jewelry, Brooks
12, Metal, Hemmings
13, Fiber Arts, Broadley
25, Drink Mix, Ewell
29, Wood, Fox
32, Northern, Hanes
33, Toys, Bertch
34, Fiber Arts, Harding
35, Jewelry, Morgan
127, Coldwell, Fay
132, Aflac, Blood
135, Healthcare, Padgett
139, Skincare, Anthony
140, Furniture, Fox
141, Bread, Thomas
147, Craft, Houchins
153, Karate
9-10, Tumblers, Turner
128-130, Craft, Cox
133-134, Glass, Wheeler
14-19, Carolina Carports, Dunlap
142-143, Horticulture, Herring
145-146, Clothing, Swan
148-149, Apple Butter
20-22, Commercial, Vaughn
23-24, Jay’s HVAC, Timmus
26-27, Leather, Britt
30-31, Hair/Hide, Brendle

Section 7

North point of festival. Starting at the corner of Rawley Ave and N Main St.
160, Wax Hands, Berry
164-165, Jewelry, Burley
B0, Cutlery, Crosby
B1, Pottery, Dennis
B2-B3, Clothing, Simpson
B4-B5, Home Items, Graham
B8, Boutique
B7, Wreaths, White
B6, Crafts, Boyer
B9-B11, T-Mobile, Hawley
B12, Tie Dye, Mayes
B13, Jewelry, Lilly
B14, Glassware, Marshall
B15-B16, Mantles, Frye
B17, Home Decor, Fuentes

Section 8

E Independence Blvd.
E1-E2, Glass, Carlson
E12, Artwork, Smith
E13-E14, Dips, Moore
E15-E16, C1-C2, Boutique, Rogers
E17, Metal, Hanson
E19, Clothing, Blitch
E20, Skincare, Wall
E21-E22, Home Decor, Kerns
E23-E24, Fiber Arts, Neimiec
E25, Candles, Stidham
E26, Wood, Hall
E27-E28, Honey
E3-E4, Toys, Senn
E30, Wood, Snow
E5-E6, Home Items, Skidmore
E7-E8, Metal, Till
E9-E10, Commercial, Van Meter
C3, Home Decor, Bennett
C13, Boutique, Ladd
C14, Craft, Figley
C15-C18, Sheriff
C20, Clothing, Badgett
C21, Tumblers, Atkins
C23-C26, Rescue
C27, Fire Dept
C28-C30, Police
T1, Gem Mining, Kuhn
T2-T3, Toys, Hanson

2022 Food Vendors

1- Peachy's Baking Co., Amish Doughnuts
2- Coco Bongo, Tropical Drinks
3- Scoops Ice Cream
4- Boy Scout Troop 553, Ham Biscuits
5- Cotton Candy
6- Coco Bongo, Tropical Drinks
7- Nuts by Vickie Sanders
8- Sandy Level, Collard Green Sandwiches
9- BJ's Fry Shack
10- Millennium Charter Academy, Hot Dogs
11- TAG, Fried Apple Pies
12- Food Express, Bloomin' Onions, Turkey Legs
13- Red Bank Ruritan Club, Polish Sausage

14- Candy Apples
15- Wild Bill's Soda
16- Kettlecorn
17- House of God, Pies, Cornbread
18- BBQ
19- Duck Donuts
20- Kona Ice
21- Candy Apples
22- Dearborn Trailers, Lemonade
23- North Surry Band Boosters, Funnel Cakes
24- Flat Rock Ruritan Club, Ground Steak
25- Bear Creek Fudge